Friday, August 22, 2008

Sorry, No Analysis Today

Yet another one of those busy days for me. Had guests early on and then had to go out for sometime and I've just come back and it's already a quarter to one in the morning. Simple calculation tells me that if I sit down analysing charts today, I'll probably not be able to sleep till 3 in the morning. So, no analysis today. But just a quick word, the Nifty broke through the 4330 support today and next support is available near 4200. That does not mean that it will stop at 4200. The Nifty may or may not find support there. Alternatively it could find support before 4200. We are looking at a range between 4200 and 4650. Below 4200 look for more downside.

No analysis today but there is a daily analysis that will keep coming on every day of the markets. So, please subscribe to my posts, so that all posts are delivered free to your inbox and you don't miss any useful analysis of the markets in the future.

Happy Investing!!!