Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nifty Falls To Support, May Bounceback

The Nifty kept falling and finally, according to our forecast since September, went down to touch that trendline yesterday and then again, today. It opened today at a high at 5605, kept falling throughout the day till it made a low of 5548 and then posted a smart recovery towards the end of the session to close at 5571.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Commodities Now Looking Good

The Nifty after touching a high of 5777, just short of the previous high of 5815, has turned down again and closed 55 points in the red and has come back into the range of 5630-5730 that it was moving within. As of now, there is nothing to suggest that the Nifty has finished its uptrend and therefore we shall wait for some more time before taking short positions again. However, there is one thing that is causing concern. On 1st Nov, the Nofty made a high of 5649, while the next day the low was 5682, a gap of 33 points which was still unfilled. The lowest low the Nifty had made since then was 5679. Today, it made a low of 5677 and thus has come back into the 'uncharted territory'. This suggests that the gap may now be filled. While it should find support near 5650, but a move below that would be bearish.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

US Elections Today - How Will The Markets React

Finally, the day has arrived. The campaigning is over and the battle between the two candidates is over. The war, however, hasn't ended. The next battle will be fought between the voters and it will be they who will decide the fate of the two candidates, President Barrack Obama and Mr. Mitt Romney. As of now, on the eve of the elections, the situation stands that Obama may have a slight advantage over Romney. Now the question is how are we affected as investors by what happens in the US? This post is written just to help us understand the consequences of the US elections.

Friday, November 2, 2012

How To Get STAGGERING Returns?

Nifty went up for the second successive day today closing 25 points in the green. As mentioned yesterday, there are signs visible that we may not go down further and that the trend might reverse from the bottom made yesterday. Though, a pullback to 5630 was expected even in case of a bearish trend but the fact that it made a high of 5650 and that it even closed above that level of 5630 (closed at 5645 today) makes it look like the trend may have reversed now. If I have any short positions, I should be closing them now and start buying in small quantities. A confirmation that we are in an uptrend will come when the Nifty closes above 5730. We should be looking to fully invest our money at that stage.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Sudden Bullishness Seen on Bearish Charts

In the first half of the day, the Nifty was still uncertain about which way to go. It opened slightly in the positive, came down in the red, went to the greener territories again and then back into the red. Just like a yo-yo. But then a surprise came. The Nifty suddenly started going up at around 1 pm and then there was no looking back for it. It went up as if it was never bearish. But does that mean the bearishness is over. Maybe, but we would need more confirmation before we change our view to bullish. What's going to happen in the future, only the market can tell us. We can only make predictions and predictions can sometimes go wrong too. The only mantra to success is that we recognise the change of trend as early as possible and not try to fight the markets when the markets have proved us wrong. Maybe, just maybe, what we saw today was the first sign of the trend changing.