Thursday, January 31, 2008

More Downside Expected

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Looking at the 30 minute chart of Nifty today, we find that we are in a short term downtrend now. We had another lower high and a lower low, as well. And in the process the Nifty broke through its short term trendline, had a small pullback and found resistance at the same trendline and turned down again. In the short term we have a small support near 5070 but as of now, there are no indications that it will hold. We have some resistance near 5300. As already mentioned, we are in an intermediate downtrend and will remain in one for some more time, or at least till the time 5500 is breached on the upperside. This level may change with time. Below 5070, we may be looking at a target of 4900.

It was the day of the Futures and Options expiry today. Tomorrow, and maybe Monday, there will be some build up of positions in the new month, which may be a cause for some volatility. After that the volatility may decrease and then only can we get a clearer picture of the direction of the Nifty. For short term traders, one should take only short positions and some of them have been identified here.

Air Deccan has a little support near 168. If this support breaks, it may come down to 140. Sell near 167 (stay away in the first 15 minutes of the morning) with a stop loss of 185 for a target of 140-142.

Allahabad Bank seems to have made a small head and shoulders pattern, which is bearish for this banking stock. Notice the sudden increase in volumes in the last half an hour when the stock broke through the neckline. Look to sell below 107 with a stop loss of 118 for a target of 96.

Bata India has also made a bearish pattern with a breakdown below the support at 167 with a sudden increase in volumes on breakout. This shoe company looks as a good selling opportunity below 160 with a stop loss at 180 for a target of 135.

IDBI is another shorting candidate after it completed its bearish head and shoulders pattern. With a stop loss above 118, it seems a good sell below 110 for a target of 96.

MTNL has also made a bearish pattern with a breakdown below the neckline at 119 with a sudden increase in volumes in the last half hour. This telephone company is a good shorting opportunity below 118 with a stop loss at 126 for a target of 103.

Network 18 also seems to have made a head and shoulders pattern with the head and the shoulders marked in the chart. With a stop loss of 350, it seems worth selling below 320 for a target of 285.

Under normal circumstances, whenever the price increases, the volumes also should increase, as has been happening in this 30 minutes chart of Reliance Natural Resources Limited (RNRL). This has been marked by the blue lines in the chart. But notice the price and volume pattern in this last increase and decrease (marked by the thick purple lines) where volumes fell when the price was increasing and volumes rose when the price was falling. This is a bearish sign and RNRL has also failed to reach its upper resistance of 150. One can profit from selling it below 130 with a stop loss of 143 for a target of 110.

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