Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Credit Policy Gives Positive Boost

I must apologize for not posting anything on the site except for the webinar for the last two days. It was a busy few days for me since Saturday. Anyways, I am back now and, hopefully, should continue to be regular like always.

Yesterday and today morning was nervous for the markets. The RBI credit policy announcement was supposed to come out today and a major percentage of the market was expecting a hike in the repo rates to control the inflation. A hike in the repo rates would have been negative for the markets. Fortunately, the nervousness subsided and a thrusting upmove came about when the credit policy was announced and it was made public that only the CRR would see a hike of 25 basis points while the repo and reverse repo rates would be left untouched.
This upmove today was significant in the sense that it crossed the 200 day simple moving average (the green line) today. The 200 day moving average determines the trend in the long term. The price above the 200 day moving average indicates bullishness while it suggests bearishness of the prices are below it. This move should find some resistance near 5300 near the blue trendline, though, according to our earlier post, the target still remains 5441.

Cipla has broken through its upward sloping trendline with the Relative Strength Index (RSI) showing a stronger dip than the price. This may not be very good for this pharma stock. Consider closing long positions.

This is the weekly chart of Hero Honda. Now that this range has been broken, we can look at some nice upmove for this auto stock. Consider buying on a pullback to 800 with a stop loss of 725 for a target near 960.

Sterlite Industries seems to have broken through the line at which it was finding resistance. With a stop loss of 800, it seems to be a good buy at current levels for a target of near 1040.

Tata Motors, on its weekly charts, has been moving within a range of 600 and 840 for over a year now. Now that it is at the bottom of the range, it seems to be a good time to pick up this stock for a target between 800 and 840.

For all those lovers of Tata Power out there (I hope you are reading, Mr. GK), this seems to be a good time to pick up the stock (or hold it if already holding) when it has broken through its resistance line at 1360. With a stop loss of 1300, one can expect a target of near 1700.

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