Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stocks Rally: Am I Missing The Bus?

Stocks in the Indian markets rallied for a fifth day in a row today. And this rally today was to be expected after our government won the trust vote in the parliament yesterday. This was to be expected because the Government's win would mean that the nuclear deal will go through (if the NSG and the AIEA do not object). This was good news for the markets because of which the Nifty opened above 4400 and finally ended the day at a high with a gain of 236 points.

I was out today and have just come back home and it is late at night so I won't go into the analysis of charts today. But before I finish, I would like to add one more thing here. A lot of my readers would be thinking that if the stocks continue to rally like this and this does turn out to be a bull market then, surely, they will miss the bus if they do not 'jump in' now. Well, as mentioned yesterday, I would say that this does not seem to be a bull market because the symptoms are not such. But the market can prove us wrong too. It surely can, but even if this is the beginning of a new bull market, this will also have to go through the customary corrections. And it will give us a lot of opportunity to enter. Today's close means that the market has risen 17.3% in just a matter of five days. And that is a big rise in a bear market and a correction has to come in sooner or later. It is just that we are not getting any negative news to trigger a correction. American markets are flat today, European markets closed with gains between a percent and a half to two percent and the Asian markets were also well in the green earlier this morning. Crude continues its downward journey and is now trading at $124.50.

My point is that new bull markets take time to build up whereas it is generally the bear market rallies which are sharp and give us a sense of hope. My point is that a market which has risen 17% in five days would be quick to fall at the first sign of a negative news. A correction of Fibonacci 61.8% can safely be assumed and if we assume today's high to be the high of this rally then that means a pullback to 4060 is possible. Even if it does not fall to that level, I would be more comfortable buying after the pullback is over than now (even if I have to buy a few points higher than what it is today).

Those who think they will 'miss the bus' need not worry because the markets would definitely see a pullback. One must exercise caution when 'jumping in moving buses' because it can lead to accidents and injury. It is wise to 'jump in' when the 'bus slows down' and I am waiting for just that time.

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