Friday, September 28, 2012

A Correction on the Cards

The Nifty closed a quarter of a percent down today losing about 14 points from its previous value. After a reasonably decent opening at 5673, it continued to move up in the morning trades to make a high of 5693 before noon. It remained in the positive till about 2 in the afternoon when the bears took over and pushed it into the negative territory. A last ditch effort to remain in the positive came in the late afternoon trades but could not sustain and the Nifty closed at 5649.50, 14 points in the red.

Attached above is the daily chart of Nifty. Shown on the chart is a trendline sloping upwards connecting the early June, late July and early September lows. Also shown on the chart are two indicators, the MACD and the RSI. Another line is shown connecting the last two most recent highs and a corresponding highs made by the RSI in the same period. As can be seen from the charts, the Nifty made a higher high while the RSI failed to do so in the corresponding period, thus showing a bearish divergence. The RSI has turned downwards and has just penetrated its 9-period signal line, indicating a sell, albeit mild. In the last 20 days, the Nifty has gained almost 500 points without any major correction, a gain of almost 10%. At this stage, a correction is long overdue and signs of weakness are already visible on the charts. A downward correction may take the Nifty back to the upward sloping trendline which could provide support to the Nifty close to the 5400 levels. A steeper downward move could take the Nifty down to the dashed blue line which lies at 5360. This is the line which has provided support to the Nifty once and resistance to it 6 times in the last 9-10 months, a very significant support indeed. So, till we get to that point, it's just a sell on rise market and when we get to 5400 nearabouts it's going to be converted into a buy on dips market.

Seen above is the daily chart of Silver. Silver in the last 45 days itself has shown a rise of almost 12000 points, a rise of almost over 20%. By the looks of it, and using the Elliott Wave Principle, I think we have just entered wave 4 of this uptrend. And if this is a wave 4 then I would expect that the correction would not be very deep (maximum 38%). Secondly, according to the rules, wave 4 should not enter the price territory of wave 1 and the highest point of wave 1 was 56337 and we are a long way from there. A 38.2% retracement, as shown can bring Silver down to 60142. The 23.6% retracement level lies at 62255 and the last 3-4 days, even though have shown a spike below that level but never has Silver closed below it in this correction. This suggests that this 62255 may be a tough level to break. The two consecutive green candles in the last two days show that the price is ready to move up again. An upmove from this point may see Silver finding resistance near 64000 levels and if it crosses that, it can go right past the previous high of 65670 too and my next target for Silver then would be around 68000. But it all depends upon whether the wave 4 correction is complete yet or not. And believe me friends, only time and the markets can tell that, not mortals like you and me. All in all, by the evidence that we've got till now, I would be a seller in Nifty and a buyer in Silver. 

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