Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The _____________ is BACK!!!

Whenever movies come out with a sequel, they always have almost the same names but some words are added/changed to signify that it's a sequel. For example, when the new "Golmaal" came with a sequel, it was named "Golmaal Returns", and thus, the sequel to "Hera Pheri" was named "Phir Hera Pheri". It was probably taken from the naming of English movies. Like when the sequel to "The Mummy" came, it was named "The Mummy Returns". But the most famous phrase of them all was in the promos of Terminator 2 when it was said that "The Terminator is back". It was repeated last week when Harbhajan Singh routed through the English batting order and Sir Vivian Richards commented, "The Turbanator is back, and with a vengeance". And it is going to be repeated again and I don't know who's going to give what name to it, but friends, I'm very happy to say that I'm back. 

 And obviously, the question must be going through everybody's minds as to where was I all these days what was I doing. Well, it's a long story and I won't go into the details. But I'll just say that I was busy with opening a few other verticals in my business. I wanted to start sharing my knowledge by teaching Technical Analysis and I started my own Technical Analysis Academy. I wanted to share my knowledge with people all over the world and I've started writing a book. I wanted to contribute in the improvement of people's wealth and I've started giving research calls in MCX to our paid clients. So, if you can bear a commercial, anybody who wants to subscribe for the research calls in commodities (MCX) or if you want to enrol in the next batch of the Technical Analysis course that we are starting, do send in your queries to and I'll get back to you. 

 Yes, I'll be back with my view on the markets and my view on selected stocks and commodities from tomorrow. But my view would be limited to positional views. The intra-day views, of course, would be given on a paid basis. But one thing is for sure, whether you pay or not, this blog is going to be free and you would love reading the posts on a daily basis. So, keep visiting. And yes, please do subscribe to my posts, so that all posts are delivered free to your inbox and you don't miss any useful analysis of the markets in the future. 

Happy Investing!!!

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