Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Sudden Bullishness Seen on Bearish Charts

In the first half of the day, the Nifty was still uncertain about which way to go. It opened slightly in the positive, came down in the red, went to the greener territories again and then back into the red. Just like a yo-yo. But then a surprise came. The Nifty suddenly started going up at around 1 pm and then there was no looking back for it. It went up as if it was never bearish. But does that mean the bearishness is over. Maybe, but we would need more confirmation before we change our view to bullish. What's going to happen in the future, only the market can tell us. We can only make predictions and predictions can sometimes go wrong too. The only mantra to success is that we recognise the change of trend as early as possible and not try to fight the markets when the markets have proved us wrong. Maybe, just maybe, what we saw today was the first sign of the trend changing.

Attached above is the daily chart of Nifty. As can be seen, it wasn't a big range candle. With a high of 5624 and a low of 5583, it was a range of only 41 points, which is not even a percent. A blue candle just a day after a downside breakout is not what's surprising because a pullback to 5630 was to be expected anyways. What's surprising is the strong one-sided upside pullback in a bearish trend. This is indicative of a stronger uptrend. Another thing that's surprising is that till yesterday most shares were displaying bearish patterns, and today most of them were bullish. Just to give you an idea, I did a quick scan to see how many stocks moved more than 3% up or down. And out of the stocks that I track, there were 15 such stocks. Out of these 15, only 2 stocks were more than 3% down while the remaining 13 were more than 3% up. Forget me, don't YOU find that surprising?
Seen above is the daily chart of Zee Entertainment. Now, this is such an interesting pattern. As can be seen, yesterday it tried to go below the 5 month old trendline, couldn't sustain at lower levels and made a hammer after a fairly decent downtrend. A hammer formation after a bearish trend is always a bullish sign. But we still needed that one blue candle for confirmation. And the confirmation came today, and oh, what a "resounding" confirmation with such a long range candle. What gives more confirmation to the expected uptrend is the RSI shifting back upwards from 40. I expect Zee to continue to go up and I see a target of not less than 209, could be more.
Attached above is the daily chart of Hindalco. Till now Hindalco was beaten and battered and was keeping a very low profile and was keeping quite subdued. A long range blue candle along with an Engulfing Pattern candlestick pattern suggests there is more upside to see. What gives it more strength is the fact that the RSI changed direction from 40. Moreover, the stochastics oscillator couldn't have been better placed going below 20 and just changing directions and is showing signs of improvement. While signs are already visible, that this time the trendline will be broken through but for now, we shall play it safe and assume a target near the trendline at 124 (and more if the trendline is broken through).
Attached above is the daily chart of Bata India. There seemed to be quite a good support between 865 and 870, as can be seen from the trendline. With that broken through without difficulty and quite decisively, there seems to be no difficulty predicting that there is more downside yet to be seen. The levels? Well, maybe, 770.
Crompton Greaves, on its daily chart, had been moving along in a downtrend since the beginning of days the chart, had broken through the trendline and was now going through a pullback, which is quite usually seen after a breakout. Some people, including Franklin Sanders, call this pullback as the last kiss goodbye. This just means that it had decided to go, started to go, then just turns back as if it has forgotten the kiss, comes, kisses the trendline and then, finally, leaves never to come back again. Well, not in the near future at least. What I liked about this chart is that it came back to the trendline, almost within, kissing distance before turning back again. Moreover, the RSI and stochastics are placed just where I like them to be (specially when I'm looking to buy). I would say, a target between 155 and 160 should not be too difficult for Crompton to achieve. It may just have to "greave" around a bit near 140 and 147 which may act as resistance levels. Please do subscribe to my posts, so that all posts are delivered free to your inbox and you don't miss any useful analysis of the markets in the future. Happy Investing!!!

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