Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Special Holi Bonanza - 30% Discount Offered

It's the festive season again and during these festive times everything (almost) is on a deal and everybody is offering discounts. So, I thought, I should offer the same benefits to my loyal readers too. This offer is valid only for a short period of time. To be precise, only for one week. The offer expires on 3rd April 2013. 

Let me tell you what the offer is about. You must be aware that I conduct Technical Analysis courses for beginners and Day Trading Seminars for advanced users. This offer is being offered only for the beginners right now. A flat 30% discount is being offered for all the people who register for the Technical Analysis course on or before 3rd April 2013. The course is beneficial for all those who have always wondered why and how Technical Analysis works but don't know how to do the analysis. It is also beneficial for those who have read about the basic indicators and apply them in their trading also but still end up in losses. This course teaches you the "nitty-gritties" of each indicator and explains to you when each indicator should be applied and how actual signals are different from the traditional signals explained everywhere.

This course is sure to give you the extra edge needed to turn your trading into profits. The course carries a practical approach towards trading and hence each and every thing is done on the charts and it definitely gives you an edge over the courses offered in the "market". I have seen courses where a chart is not even opened once during the entire duration of courses. You also have the option of attending upto 3 live trading sessions with the analyst to harness the full potential of the course.

The course covers the following:
  1. Introduction
  2. Supports and Resistances
  3. Dow Theory
  4. Trends and Trendlines
  5. Indicators
    1. Lagging
      1. Moving Averages – Simple, Weighted, Exponential
      2. Bollinger Bands
      3. MACD
    2. Leading
      1. RSI
      2. Stochastics
      3. Money Flow Index
      4. Parabolic SAR
  6. Price Patterns
    1. Rectangles
    2. Head and Shoulders
    3. Double Tops and Bottoms
    4. Triangles and Broadening Formations
    5. Flags
    6. Pennants
    7. Wedges
    8. Gaps
  7. Candlestick Charting
    1. Reversal Patterns
    2. Continuation Patterns
  8. Elliott Wave Principle and Fibonacci Ratios

A few testimonials from my ex-students is attached below:
  • "It was a great pleasure learning Technical Analysis from you. I have benefited a lot from it. After completing the course i have started generating a good income from my markets and also generated new clients through my technical skills, thanks to you. As a teacher you were fantastic with fine teaching skills and the ability to make the content as simple as possible. For those wanting to learn technical analysis i would personally recommend to learn from Mr. Vikas Sharma."
Prashant Akbari (Surat, Gujarat)
M. 07405563963

  • "Sir, I liked your classes very much as they were very interactive and your knowledge of subject and willingness to still learn is there to be seen. You make everybody feel part of the class. I am looking forward to many more wonderful sessions with you."
    Kushal Singh Chauhan (Delhi)
    M. 09015046002

You can get a small demo of what can be learnt from the course by clicking here.

Once again, the offer is valid only till the 3rd of April and not after that. The entire course will be spread over a month where we will have two classes each week. And best of all, you can attend the course anywhere in India because this course is being conducted online. All you need is a computer with an internet connection, equipped with speakers and a microphone, and preferably, a webcam. The course will start on 15th of April 2013. In case you are not able to attend for any reason, a recording of the class will be sent to you after the class. Register before the 3rd of April and get a flat 30% discount on the course fee. What's more, the first three candidates get an additional 10% early bird discount. So hurry to avail of this unbelievable offer.

For details, send an email to vikas@sharma.es.

Happy Trading!!!

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  1. To register yourself for the course or for any queries, drop in an email to vikas@sharma.es