Saturday, October 6, 2012

Downward Movement Starts

The Nifty opened stronger about 30 points up on Friday but heavy selling to the tune of Rs.650 crores by Emkay Global on behalf of an institutional client led the Nifty to touch a low of 4888.20, down 899.40 points (more than 15%) below the previous close. It is said that the quantities entered by Emkay Global were erroneous and that’s what sent the Nifty into a diving spree. You can read the complete story here. Such lows/highs made by the indices and stocks due to erroneous trades should be ignored and that’s what we are going to do today. Ignore the lows. But the fact that institutions are prepared to sell worth Rs.650 crores indicates that smart money may be getting out soon. 

Attached above is the daily chart of Nifty and shows that on Friday the body of the candle completely shadows the previous day’s candle and has formed a bearish engulfing pattern. Ignoring the freak low made by the Nifty, the close itself was about 40 points lower than the previous day. This is fully in conformation to our previous view that a correction may be on the cards and that it is a time to remain cautious. As mentioned earlier, a downward move at this stage may take us to levels of 5400 or thereabouts. However, there may be minor supports inbetween at 5695, 5645, 5535 and 5435. The Nifty may go down all the way to 5400 or find support at one of these levels. 5435 looks the most probable to me at this stage but we’ll just let the market decide as to how low it wants to go. 

Attached above is the daily chart of HDFC Ltd. As seen from the chart, HDFC prices lost ground on Friday losing almost Rs.40 in a day. This downward move not only brought the price closer to the trendline, but also has shown a bearish candlestick pattern, which suggests that further downside may be there and the prices may not find support near the trendline. This view is confirmed by the MACD and RSI, both of which show a bearish divergence with the price. HDFC has shown the weakest closing since 9/11 (11th Sep 2012, I mean), the last one month. I would suggest a sell on the scrip once the trendline is broken near 740-742 with a stop loss of 775. One could expect a first target of 691 and you could continue the sell position for a second target between 660-665. 

Attached above is the daily chart of Gold alongwith my favourite choices of indicators, namely the RSI and the slow stochastics. Another one of my favourites, the trendline is also plotted on the chart. As shown here, Gold has been in an uptrend since the beginning of the chart, with regular corrections inbetween and now, after a deep correction, it has come very close to its trendline which tells us that we may be close to an intermediate term bottom. Also supporting it is the slow stochastics which is now moving below 20. By measuring the Fibonacci retracement of the rise from 30098 on 7th Aug 2012 to 32783 on 13th Sep 2012, it was found that the 61.8% retracement level is at 31105 and that is where Gold seems to have found support. Some possible scenarios that come to mind is that Gold may go down one more day next week to touch the trendline (between 30850-30900) and then rise again. The second possible scenario seems to be that Gold may hover at the current levels for the next few days and wait for the trendline to come and touch the prices. And the third possible scenario, and maybe the most probable one that Gold may start rising from here itself since it has started showing a series of reversal candlestick patterns on the charts. 4th Oct 2012 saw the formation of a bullish hammer while 5th Oct saw the formation of a harami. I would be a buyer in Gold with a stop loss below 30700 and wait for targets of 32000 and above. 

An interesting fact to note is that in the international markets, Gold has risen almost $50 from 13th Sep 2012 from $1730 to $1780, a rise of 2.9%. In the Indian markets, however, Gold has fallen from 32783 to a low of 31041 during this period, a fall of over 5%. You must be wondering, why this disparity and shouldn’t Gold be trying to play catch up now? Well, not exactly, because the US Dollar in this period has fallen from 55.375 to 52.115, a fall of over 6%. So, even though, in dollar terms Gold has gone up and in rupee terms, it has come down, it can be safely attributed to the falling dollar. Now comes the tricky part. Gold may be in for a bit of a correction (downwards) in the international markets in the coming days, and so will be the dollar (upwards). If both happen simultaneously, nothing much is going to happen in Gold in India. If Gold falls and so does the dollar, Gold in India may go down further. If the dollar starts improving and Gold continues to go up, we may be in for a sharp recovery. In this light, I wouldn’t go about keeping targets of 33000 and above but be more realistic and will probably book my profits near the 32000 levels. In rupee terms, frankly, I don’t see an extremely bright Diwali for Gold but a slightly moderate one. 

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