Sunday, October 28, 2012

Still Rangebound, A Range Breakout to Decide Direction

It was again a narrow range day for the Nifty. A total intraday movement of 56 points (1%) but a better day, nevertheless, because it traded with a negative bias all through the day before recovering some of its losses in the last hour. I say, a better day because it went in the direction which we expected. And as long as it fulfills our expectations, it keeps us happy. And that's all that we desire from it. Just keep giving us profits if you want love from us. I still don't understand why the Nifty is still holding up. What is it waiting for - a cabinet reshuffle or the RBI monetary policy. Well, if it's one of those things then a move - this way or that - is coming soon. A move above 5725 would change (probably, though I don't like to change my views often) our bearishness.

I'm not attaching the chart of Nifty today as there is nothing new to show. However, as always am doing the daily analysis of some of the stocks. Friday seemed to be at bad day for the banking stocks. I say that because on my stock radar (the stocks that I regularly monitor), there were 13 stocks which closed 3% or more below their previous closes and out of those 13 stocks, 6 were banking stocks. Surprisingly, amongst all this negativity surrounding banking stocks, our buy call on OBC yesterday fell only by Rs.4/- and is still looking good for a move to 350.

Attached above is the daily chart of Reliance Capital, which has already come down quite a bit off its previous high. But, as we can see from the chart, Reliance Capital rose from a low of 315.10 in end of August to a high of 472.90 in early October, going up by 50%. Going up by 50% in 6 weeks is a big move and a big move is always (invariably) followed by a big correction. The same scenario was seen in Jan-Feb 2012 when the same stock went up 114% and then underwent a correction of 78.6%. This time too, after a move of 50%, I feel a correction of at least 61.8%, a Fibonacci ratio, is called for. The 61.8% correction will be completed at 375. That means a downward movement of Rs.42 (10%) from the current level of 417. Whether to stay away or to stay short - your call.

Attached above is the daily chart of Karnataka Bank. As seen from the chart, an inverted hammer formation on the top followed by a red candle signifies that the uptrend may have come to an end. And what an uptrend it was - a rise from 78 to 138 in six weeks, another big increase of 78%. And as I said before, a big move is followed by a big correction. In this case a 61.8% decline would mean the stock could come down to 101 whereas a 78.6% correction would translate into a level of 91. I see some good support for Karnataka Bank between 100-102 adding to the fact that 100 is a psychological support too and would expect the stock to come to 101, at least.

Andhra Bank's daily chart is seen above. An 8 month old trendline tested 4 times in the past was broken through but could not be sustained and today it came back below the trendline. In the process Andhra Bank has also made a pattern, which could be referred to as a double top, was also formed but would be confirmed below 105. A target for this double top formation would be close to 95 and I expect support to come in between the 93-95 levels.

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