Thursday, October 25, 2012

No Change in Chart Patterns - Wait and Watch

Not much change in the Nifty chart patterns today. The Nifty traded in a very narrow range today - a total movement of only 33 points between the high and the low - not even a movement of 1% during the day. After a whole day of trading, the Nifty managed to close in the green but did not make any change in the chart patterns. Individual stocks, however, showed some interesting movements, some of which have been analysed below.

Attached above is the daily chart of Nifty. As seen above, the chart looks exactly similar to the one shown yesterday, except for the last blue candle seen today. Today, as seen, was a narrow range day and also a harami, which after an upmove signifies that a short term reversal may be coming. So, nothing much to comment there on the Nifty and our view still remains the same that it should come down to the trendline before we think of buying again.

Attached above is the daily chart of Ambuja Cements which showed a decent increase today. As seen from the chart, the price came near the trendline which was providing support near 200. The stock made a low of 201 today and reversed from there and made a high of 207 before ending the day at 206.10. This candle signifies that the short term downtrend in Ambuja may have ended for now. It may be a low-risk buy at the current levels with a stop loss of 195 and a target of between 220-225 can be expected in the coming days.

Pasted above is the daily chart of Sun TV which showed a big downward movement of more than 6% today and closed the day at 343.45 against yesterday's close of 356.60. This movement comes after a small double top formation which will be confirmed below 338. Also seen on the chart are the RSI and stochastics indicators which show a bearish divergence along with the corresponding highs on the price chart. I expect Sun TV to move down to the trendline between 323-325 before any fresh buying opportunities may exist.

On the daily chart of Havell's, as seen above, a large candle showing a downwards movement, and the kind of pattern seen seems to suggest that there is more to come. The stock may find some support between 607-610 but eventually will have to break that support and may go right up down to the trendline to find support between 550-560. Stay short on Havell's below 600.

This is a pattern which I love to see, as seen on the daily chart of Oriental Bank above. This is called a Flag pattern and is so called because it looks like a flag, as can be seen from the trendlines drawn. A flag pattern is a continuation pattern and the confirmation of this pattern on the OBC chart means that the stock may continue to go up and it may have a target of 350-355 on the upside in the days to come. The only thing that scares me is the bearish divergence seen in both the RSI and the stochastics.

Seen above is the daily chart of IRB. As seen from the chart, the price of IRB showed a big downwards movement today closing Rs.22 in the red at 119, a movement of over 15% in a single day. Not only did it show a big red candle, it also closed below the good support of the trendline at 123. It now has a target of between 85-90 in the coming days. It may either go there directly or it may show a bounce-back back to the trendline at 123 in next 2-3 days. The RSI also going below 40 signifies that there is no support expected near the trendline at 123.

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