Thursday, June 26, 2008

Birth of a New Bull Market?

The resignation didn’t come today. Maybe it will come a few days later. Speculation is ripe that in a week’s time the UPA will meet the Left and inform them (rather than reaching a decision) that they are going to the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) to get an approval on the safeguards text. The Left has categorically stated that it ‘will not allow them to go to the IAEA’. And the moment the Government goes, support would be withdrawn. The Government may not be able to garner enough votes to save itself in the event of a no-confidence motion.

Nifty 30Minutes Chart - Bullish Head and Shoulders

I have pasted above the 30 minutes chart of the Nifty. Formed over the last four days can be seen a small bullish head and shoulders formation on the Nifty. This pattern has been confirmed in the last 30 minutes. I, probably, would have expected a larger range candle in the last 30 minutes to accompany a breakout, but with profit booking possible in the last 30 minutes, a concession could be given. The target for this head and shoulders pattern is near 4430. While we are now in a short term uptrend, to confirm an intermediate term uptrend we need the Nifty to go above 4500. While head and shoulders are more reliable on daily and 60 minutes charts, they are not very trustworthy on 30 minutes/real-time and weekly/monthly charts. Had this pattern been visible on a 60 minutes chart, I would have been more convinced but it is not visible there. Another problem that I see with the pattern is that the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is finding constant resistance at 60, as marked by the circle. Its inability to go into the bullish zone may not be a very bullish sign. But we are in a short term uptrend and with the resignation not expected in the next two days, as a day trader I would be looking to go long, rather than short. As a swing trader/investor I would wait for more confirmation to determine whether this rally is just an aberration or is it for real.

A comment was posted by Sanjay in yesterday’s post asking whether we are in corrective wave C of major wave 4 or otherwise. Well, Elliott Waves Analysis is a very specialized topic and while I have a working knowledge of Elliott Waves, I wouldn’t call myself a specialist. But, as far as my knowledge goes I have tried to do an analysis of the wave counts in the cycle/super cycle degree. I would request specialists of EWs to post a comment (if they happen to chance by this post) to tell us all if our analysis seems to be correct or not.

Nifty Monthly Chart - Elliott Wave Counts

Pasted above is the monthly chart of Nifty along with the wave counts (as I perceive them). Our counts start from the low made in April 2003 at 920, the place marked ‘0’. In my opinion this wave lasted upto Jan 2004 when it made a high of 2014.65. The wave 2 corrected a little more than 61.8% of wave 1 upto a level of 1292.20 in May 2004. Then started the major wave 3 which ended in Feb 2007 after making a high of 4245.30, which turned out to be slightly more than 261.8% of wave 1 (269.77% to be more precise). One can also see another 5 wave structure in wave 3 as marked by the numbers in brown. The corrective wave 4 was rather a small correction. Wave 2 having corrected 61.8% of wave 1, one would have expected wave 4 to correct 38.2% of wave 3 to a level of 3117 but it managed to correct only 23.6% of wave 3 upto 3554.50 in March 2007. Wave 5, according to me, started from there to end in Jan 2008 at 6357.10. With the wave 5 (2802.60 points) almost as long as wave 3 (2953.10 points), yet falling short of the length of wave 3, it is in conformation to the Elliott Wave principles that wave 3 is usually the longest but never the shortest. So from Jan 2008 till now we have been in the corrective waves A,B,C of the complete bull market cycle. And, we have now, probably, seen the end of wave C after the 3-3-5 pattern that it followed while completing waves A, B and C.

From hereon, if our wave counts are correct, then our previous low of 4093.20 made yesterday should not be broken. However, there is only two things that are worrying me and the first one is the fall of the government. While the market has already discounted the fact that the government would fall, yet a sharp knee jerk reaction could come which, probably, could take us below the previous low. The other thing that is worrying me is the fact that we are only 25 weeks or 6 months into the bear market. Usually, Fibonacci numbers hold a lot of importance in the markets and one of my
previous posts mentions how the market made important highs/lows after a specific number of weeks and how that number always turned out to be a Fibonacci number. Going by that logic we should see the end of the bull market in 34 weeks which should not happen earlier than the last week of August.

Let us assume that our above logic is wrong and that our wave counts are correct. In that case a new bull market should start now. But do we expect new highs soon? No. A new bull market will always take time to build up. A long period of base-building will happen in the beginning of a bull market. There is a lot of pessimism when the first wave up of the bull wave is seen and people view it as a bear market rally rather than a bull market. The second wave down reinforces the fear that the bear market is continuing. It is only when this wave fails to go below the previous lows and another rally is seen that people realize that it is a new bull market. That is when the volumes come in and people come and buy in large numbers. Exactly the reason why the third wave is the longest wave. Then a correction comes about and the fourth wave down just cools down the overheated market and makes valuations appear a little more reasonable and the fifth wave starts. Now the people again come out in hordes to buy and think that since this is a bull market nothing could go wrong and conditions become euphoric and one knows that it is all about to end soon.
Sir John Templeton, a famous stock investor, has rightly said that “Bull markets are born on pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism, and die on euphoria.

Right now the conditions are pessimistic, there are rumours of a government fall, I am expecting the markets to stay low till end of August and there are analysts predicting the Sensex to come down to 12000 levels and there are a few analysts who are pessimistic enough to expect 9000 on the Sensex and some like me who once predicted the
target of Nifty to be 2600. There is a lot of pessimism around and I am wondering if this is the birth of a new bull market?

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