Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Head and Shoulders Confirmed, Pullback to 4200 Possible

First of all I would like to apologise to my readers for not being able to post my comments on the markets yesterday. Though, I love writing and sharing my technical views with my readers, but there are days when I have meetings with clients in the evening and sometimes over dinner and those days it becomes difficult for me to post my views. Anyways, I am back today.

Saturday evening, Delhi was rocked by serial bomb blasts. By opening on Monday morning there was news that Lehman Brothers had filed for bankruptcy and that Merrill Lynch was being sold out to Bank of America. The US government confirmed today that Lehman Brothers would not be bailed out. Insurance giant, American International Group (AIG), has asked the Fed for a loan of $40 billion and it is uncertain as yet whether it would help or not. With such news floating around in the market, the markets were bound to go down and the trading range between 4200-4650 was finally broken, but on the downside.

As of today, the London FTSE closed 120 points down losing 2.3%, the German DAX lost 1.12% while the French CAC was virtually unaffected losing only 0.81%. The Asian markets were much worse today (Tuesday) with the Hong Kong Hang Seng losing 5.44%, the Japanese Nikkei 4.95%, the Shanghai index 4.47% and the Korean Kospi losing 4.6%. Compared to them, the feat which the Nifty accomplished was mind boggling. After losing more than 153 points at one point during the day, the Nifty still managed to close in the green, albeit only 2 points.

Nifty Daily Chart - Head and Shoulders Confirmed, Experiencing Pullback

Attached above is the daily chart of Nifty with the Relative Strength Index (RSI) at the bottom. As seen from the chart, the Nifty has displayed a large head and shoulders pattern formed over a period of almost two months. This bearish head and shoulders pattern gives us a target of 3800 on the charts and it is quite possible that we may achieve that. Looking at the candles formed over the last two days. Both these candles have long lower shadows and today’s candle was a doji with a very long lower shadow. This should be bullish for the market in the short term. And, technically too, in all patterns which witness a breakout, on a number of occasions there are pullbacks. In this head and shoulders breakout too, we may see a pullback which means that the prices may retrace back to 4200 or nearabouts before continuing on their way to 3800.

A few days back I received, on my blog, a
comment from Krishnamurthy, who said that he is short in Nifty since 4500 levels because he believed that Nifty had completed the 2nd wave zig zag and that had started the 3rd wave down. Krishnamurthy once sent me an e-book on Elliott Waves and gave me a couple of helpful tips. While I am a novice in Elliott Waves, Krishnamurthy has done a lot of research on it. Krishna, if you are reading this may I please invite you to contribute on my blog from time to time so that not only me, but all my readers too may benefit from your analysis. Please send in your articles to me by e-mail and I’ll post them on to the blog.

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