Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nifty Falls, Ignores Island Reversal Pattern

The Nifty opened weak today, as was expected, because of the weak American and Asian markets. The Dow Jones was down 372 points overnight while all Asian markets, except Nikkei, were trading in the red with Hang Seng leading the pack, which finally closed with a loss of 759 points, down 3.87%. Followed by a weak opening, the Nifty did try to recover but the happiness lasting only about an hour or so, after which the index started its decline. Another attempt at recovery came shortly after noon but that too didn’t last long and from there it was a steady decline for the Nifty through the day. The island reversal pattern seen on the Nifty two days back was completely ignored today.

Nifty Tick By Tick - Head and Shoulders Confirmed, Target Achieved

Seen above is the tick by tick chart of the Nifty. As seen from the chart, the Nifty, early in the morning, after going to 4150 started going up, made a top near 4190, and came down to 4171.35. Then a small recovery took it past its highs of the day, went up to 4224.60 came down to 4171.35 again, climbed to 4203.30 and finally broke through 4171.35, thus completing a bearish head and shoulders pattern. With the top of the head at 4224.60 and the neckline at 4171.35, the target was 53.25 points (4224.60-4171.35) below 4171.35. This gave us a target level of 4118.10 (4171.35-53.25) on the Nifty. So, we saw a bearish head and shoulders pattern being formed, being confirmed and the target achieved, all in one day. And we can see that after this head and shoulders pattern target was achieved, there was an immediate bounce in the price from that level. This case was more like a case of a perfect head and shoulders pattern. In most cases, either the neckline is not straight, or the shoulders are not perfect or the target is not achieved or the price overshoots the target. But then, life is never perfect. One has to live it the way it is offered to us and make the best of it.

Well, that was the intra day chart for today only, but what is the forecast for tomorrow or the days after that? To try and forecast what the market would do is like trying and forecasting whether the next toss of a coin would be a heads or a tail. The market remains as unpredictable as ever and most of the times move against our wishes/forecast. But we also know that when it does move in our favour, most of the times we get a move big enough to wipe off most of our losses. That is where technical analysis comes in handy, where 7 trades out of 10 turn out to be loss making trades, but the remaining three trades are big enough to wipe the 7 losses and giving us a net profit. Technical Analysis only helps us increase the probability of making a profit. One of my previous posts title “
The Probability of Profitability” very well explains this. Well, and to do that we have to analyse to see what our analysis says.

Nifty 30 Minutes - Fibonacci Retracement Levels provide support, MACD maintains sell

Attached above is the 30 minutes chart of the Nifty, which gives us a slightly longer term view than what the intra day chart gives us. Notice that in this chart, the bearish head and shoulders pattern, which was so clear in the tick by tick chart, is not visible here. Last week we had seen the Nifty slip into a narrow range between 3950 and 4100. This range has been marked by a trend channel/rectangle. Notice that the upper end of the rectangle lies somewhere between 4090 and 4100 and not exactly 4100. Also shown in this chart is the Moving Averages Convergence Divergence (MACD) and the upper line of the rectangle extended till date. This extended line tells us that there is support available between 4090 and 4100. The MACD, which had given a sell signal yesterday, reaffirmed it today by going below the equilibrium line at 0. Notice that there is a blue coloured trendline here too which shows that there maybe support available for the MACD at current levels, which, if broken, would have bearish implications. There are also Fibonacci retracement levels drawn on the chart for the two day rise from 3800 to 4300. These Fibonacci levels tell us that the 38.2% level is still intact may (or may not) provide support at 4112. If this is breached, the next Fibonacci levels of support are at 4050 and 3995, being the 50% and the 61.8% retracement levels, respectively. For now, we can just wait and watch, which of these levels does the Nifty feel worthy enough to respect.

As far as the international markets are concerned, the London FTSE and French CAC closed with a loss of about 2% while the German DAX lost 1% of its value. American markets are more or less flat at the moment while the crude has come off its yesterday's highs and was today in the vicinity of $106 a barrel.

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