Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Support Found, Double Bottom Possible

So, the global cues didn’t seem to matter today. Dow Jones was marginally down, Asia was mixed. Our markets bounced back from the technical support levels and kept going up through the day. Even in the last 30 minutes it just lost about 10 odd points. No big profit booking or selling on rallies seen.

I have got a very interesting 30 minutes chart of the Nifty today. As seen from the thick green lines, the Nifty seems to be making a double bottom pattern which is also known as a ‘W’ pattern with the neckline at 5065 as shown by the dashed green line. This means that this double bottom pattern will be confirmed if, and only if, Nifty were to go above 5065. If this were to happen then the next target on the Nifty will be 5180. But, that is not all that there is to it. There is another downward sloping trendline which might (and probably did today) provide resistance to Nifty. We will assume this resistance to have crossed if the Nifty were to go above 5030 tomorrow. Luckily, it is not very far from the current levels. Just about 20 points away. On the downside support is at the same levels, between 4910 and 4930.

Ranbaxy has been inching upwards within this 50-60 points wide channel since the last three months. An interesting observation that can be made from this chart is that the channel may be rising but the RSI has been making lower highs during the same period, thus showing a negative divergence between the price and the RSI. This is bearish for the stock. I may have mentioned this before but a divergence has the same relationship with the prices that dark clouds have with rain. Dark clouds do not necessarily mean it will rain similarly a divergence does not necessarily mean that the prices will move in the direction expected, provided there is no break in the trendline. But as soon as the trendline is broken the price starts moving in the expected direction. This means that in this case, there is a slight weakness in the stock but it is not a sell, definitely not a short sell, until 465 is broken on the downside. Another negative sign that can be seen in this chart is that this time around, the prices failed to reach the top of the channel. When the prices are moving in a channel, they are expected to touch alternately the top and then the bottom of the channel. A failure to reach either the top or the bottom is known as a return line failure.

This is the daily chart of Tata Steel. It seems to have gone through a double resistance line between 850 and 860. One is a downward sloping trendline almost 7 months long and the other an upward sloping a month longer. The breakout comes with a large blue candle and that makes it all the more simpler for us to identify whether the breakout is genuine or not. I would have been happier with heavier volumes but today’s volumes were just a little better than average. Buy with a stop below 830 for a target near 1050.

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