Friday, May 16, 2008

The Technical Analysis Game

Are you interested in technical analysis? You think you can see charts and forecast the future movement of prices? You think you want to test your technical analysis skills before risking actual money? Well, I’ve found just the thing for you on Inspectd.

provides you with a free simulated technical analysis game in which it will provide you with a real chart from the past. You have the option to add one or two moving averages to the chart and you have the option of holding your trade for 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 or 40 trading days and you can view a candlestick chart, a line chart or an open high low close chart. Based on the chart you have to take a trading call which can be a buy or a sell. If you want, you can also skip that chart and go to the next one. You also have the option of investing only 10% or 25% or 50% or 75% or 100% of the money available with you on each chart. The only thing that remains constant is the time frame of the chart, which remains 6 months. After you take a call, the game will calculate your profit or loss based on what actually happened in that chart in the days to come. You can either double your money in 15-20 trades or blow it all in the same number of trades. The best thing is that the game provides you with an opening balance of $100,000/- which you can replenish anytime you want and any number of times. So, you can lose a billion dollars in stocks and still not feel a pinch about burning your fingers.

But before you go on to the site to play the game, you must be forewarned of the risks involved too. The first is that you are only allowed 5 free trades after which you will be asked to register. But don’t worry, the registration is free. The risk that comes with registration is that your mailbox may be spammed with junk mails. But don’t worry about that too. They assure you of a no spamming policy. And finally, the riskiest of all things. The game is highly addictive. You could spend hours playing this game. Don’t let your boss or colleagues catch you playing it, the reason being that if everybody starts playing, who will work?

You think you are ready to play? Go to Inspectd.

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Happy Playing!!!

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