Wednesday, May 7, 2008

All Set to Go North

If you remember yesterday’s edition, I had mentioned that the Nifty may touch the 1 month long trendline and bounce back from there. That is exactly what happened today. The Nifty stayed within a narrow range throughout the day, but did go low enough to touch not only the trendline but also the support provided by the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement at 5102.25. We had also mentioned that Fibonacci retracements are sometimes pretty accurate. Talk about accuracy and we see that the Nifty made a low of 5101.50, accurate upto 1 point.

Other signs of support being provided are that even though the Nifty came down about 50 points today, the RSI kept hovering around the same levels and did not break 40. Both the price touching the trendline and the RSI finding support at 40 has been marked by blue circles. While the Nifty still did close in the red today but a bounce back from 5101 to 5140 in the last hour is a pretty good indication that the correction may be over.

I am a firm believer in blue chips. Over the years, I have seen lots of ups and downs in the markets and it is always the blue chips which have the power to surpass their previous highs, no matter what they are. I know there are many buyers out there with purchases of L&T above 4500 and Reliance above 3300. They may be sitting on a loss today but with just a little patience I’m sure they will end up in a profit.

Mid caps and small caps have their advantages too. We can take advantage of the momentum and speculation in such stocks. The only problem comes when we are holding these stocks and the market crashes. Technical Analysis gives us clear targets and stop losses. And without fail one of these levels is touched before the other. While we are better at closing positions near the targets (though, greed stops us sometimes), we are horrible at booking losses. This is where the third biggest enemy of ours (after greed and panic), hope, comes into play. It stops us from booking losses because we have seen on a number of occasions when the prices bounce back after our stop loss is hit. But when following technical analysis, discipline is very important. It is only the disciplined trader who wins over the others. But I know 80-90% of traders are not disciplined. And they always get stuck with small caps and mid caps during market crashes. And which is why I try recommending only blue chips. It is only during times like today when there are no blue chips available, that I take the help of other stocks. But it has to warned that discipline is very important when taking such trades.

Larsen and Toubro seems to have broken through its downward sloping trendline and seems to have completed a pullback to the trendline too. The doji day today (open and close at almost the same levels) suggests that the price may start going up tomorrow onwards. It seems to make sense because the RSI too has broken through its trendline and has gone through a pullback after the breakout so it has been moving in tandem with the price. It looks set for a target of around 3600 with a stop below 2890.

Gokaldas Exports, a midcap stock, but a market leader in its industry of readymade apparels, also has made a bullish pattern on the charts. With the volumes not showing anything except the breakout volumes today, can’t say whether it is a true head and shoulders pattern or not but it definitely looks like one. With a stop loss below 204, one can buy it above 235 for a target between 290 and 300.

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